Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TRI-ATHLON (trifactor series 2009)

BALI RETREAT (28-30 Aug 09)

When we work, we work hard, we earn and feel that mission accomplished.

There is no need to act how busy and how deligent, boss sure knows how to judge. For that we were on flight to Bali for surprise retreat.

Once we were in Ngurah Rai Airport Denpasar, I could immediately notice Eric Li, with his shiny bald head trademark and a huge cheeky smile that makes people so comfortable.

2 SUV cars with the 'Heavenly residence' decal were in the parking lots waiting for us to load our 'barang-barang' in. Phew!! glad we were here!

The drive to 'Heavenly Residence' was pleasant, full of excitement in the car, we only noticed that we were in the middle of nowhere once we hit the quite uphill road without much light, we were there about 8pm (it's dark already). Passing thru winding road, finally we were in the entrance of secluded Villas with a very strong aroma of the sea.

Getting of the car, quiet sense engulf us, a buttler approaced and showed us the door to on of the villa. Once I stepped in... the only words came out of me was: 'Oh My God' (which was also the actual name of the Villa). It was beautiful, a huge private pool with jacuzzy overlooking the calmness of the sea below. A romantic 'Balai-Balai surrounded with Tiki Torches and comfy long dinner table readyfor us. We were greeted with cheerful familiar faces. Soon we were entertained by the gracious baliness dancers. Beautiful!

Once we were seated, dinner was served menu of the day was the sumptuous Babi Guling (roasted whole pig baliness style). Champagne and wine flowing freely along with the spicy wonderful meal.

The people, atmosphere, the propes.. the sea the scents.. everything was so perfect. We were chatting till very late. When everyone finally decided to call off the nite, I decided to hang out a little in the pool area. I couldn't resist not to swim, I swam quite awhile till I could feel my shoulders heavy.

That nite I was too excited to sleep. I went out a while, sit around the pool reading my Clive Cussler. I guess I needed to knock off too, went to my bed and almost went to my dream when I heard knocks on the door, Susan my roomate opened the door and there was Albert, with his pillows, saying he was afraid of the dark, Goodness. We let him curl on the floor, soon he snored like crazy and at the end I couldn't sleep.

Early morning I decided to don my running attire and had a good hog around the hills. It was a very wise decision, I enjoyed so much, occasionally there was a number of school children ran along and greeted me with their innocence smile. This was wonderful life! The area was deserted, the air was so clean and the few villagers were super friendly.

Follow on our stay in the Villa, we were treated really like stars. Eric and Clara as well as the Staff were such a great people. We trully enjoyed the retreat, not to forget to mention, dr. Wong and Mrs Wong who have always been very nice and understanding Boss.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

adidas sundown marathon

The time finally came.
Frankly, I had been looking forward for this run eventhough I was not totally well prepared, I was still down with the lingering bone strain that did not allow me to train LSD with PCRC.
Nevertheless, a group of us met earlier for dinner at Changi Village Market. The carnival was quite fun with big screen for the movie marathon after midnite. 
We were running in the group to begin with, but after the first marker, all of us were dispersed. I was running all the time with Hussain, the first 21km was uneventfull. It was started out when we crossed over the first over head bridge, i started to slow down tremendously. Hitting the 28km mark my stomach started to growl and cramping by then i'd taken 4 gels  already, still the battery was never lifted up. 
Banana was given at the 30km mark, I couldn't bring myself to pick one and eat, I could feel that my tummy was gonna burst anytime, the cramp was so bad. 
Positive thinking was not working at all. Hussain was too kind, he was all the while waiting for me. All I could think just saying a prayer, repeating 'Our Father" nonstop.  Suddenly a burst of energy stroke me, I found myself picking up the pace, it was generally steady and we both graciously took over the passage, too bad it just lasted me approx 3km and the finish line was 8km away. My watch was shown 4h20-something, when I felt the both legs started plouding. I took no chance by gulping another powergel, but no avail, i couldn't bring myself to run again, 2 km passed, i took the 7th powergel, by then it was only 5km away to finish line. I could not even jog, I was in agony, I wanted to cry to stop the pain, but it wouldn't bring me the miracle. All I need was just to keep on moving till the finish line.
I started to jog again when Hussain told me it was just another 2km to go, we slowly moved meter by meter, till we reach Changi Village, where the finish line was supposed to be just a bridge away. But to my horror, detour.... we must turn right and there was like another 200-300 meter more to go to finish line. Only one word in my mind, perservere, a little bit more to go. Some young boys started to sprint to finish, but hell, my legs and my breathing were not rythmic at all, I was so close to finish line to give up. When the finish gate was looming on us, I took the last strength to pass thru it, I could not put myself ready for photographer snapping our photo. Finally the ordeal was over. I was so glad to finish before sunrise. 5hr39min gun time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

1st trial Running At Midnite Hour

As Sundown Marathon is just a month away we have decided to do nite familiarization run, to get our body to be acclimatized with the wee hours.
We were supposed to start the run at 11pm from Sengkang CC, but the weather was not so kind to us, rained cats and dogs. Mike wanted to cancel the run, but since 4 of us already waited in CC so we were praying that the rain stopped before midnite that we may proceed with the plan. Mother nature was really listening to our prayer, soon the rain stopped, we proceed with the run, 9 of us agreed to take it slow and easy to get the body to run after midnite. We tackled the Yio Chu Kang - Upper Thomson road till the junction to Manday road, it gave us approx 11-12km. Reached the petrol kiosk (u-turn point) we took some photos. During the run back to CC, we could feel our batteries slowly diminishing, the route as we knew, it's quite a challenge. We were so lucky having Russell, our comrade to support us driving and acting as water pitch-stop. Not known to us he had prepared a surprise waiting for us in the finish point. We reached CC safely but shagged. A lined of Roti Prata packets quickly boosted our energy----tired, wary and aching.. we still had some fun chattering and bickering each other.
What a nite!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It was started when some friends put out some invitation to join the Mini Biathlon at Sengkang Anchorvale. Without any training to complete the 2 disciplines together, I just signed up and hoped to have fun. The Mini, sounded quite easy, 300meter pool swim and 3.5km run, well I thought having ran marathon, it's going to be piece of cake to complete this challenge for me.

The swim was delivered with waves, I was quite lucky that my wave started at around 9am, so it was considered quite early, eventhough the sun was already burning. Thinking that 300meter (6laps) was quite short, I went all out on the swim leg, never in my mind that there's run leg to tackle. Swim was ok, but when I was out of water into the transition area I was like ----Geeee--- so many people had run off... haizzz was I one of the last???? Surprisingly eventhough I was struggling and out of breath, I managed to pass some girls, and kept on telling myself that I could make it. Sun was realy so hot by then, finally I reached the finish line, someone just told me to go back to the pool for resting.

After all my friends were back from the run, we decided to stay back for "Lucky draw", this is the only chance for all of us to get some prize.

Before the Lucky Draw, they read out the winner, I was taken aback when they called my name as 2nd runner up-- 'Kalang Kabut' but very pleased, got trophy and $100,- cheque.

Perry, Fion, Me, Russel and Choon Hong (Sengkang Mini Biathlon 22 Feb 2009)

Itching for another biathlon, me and some friends went for NIE biathlon on the 14 Mar 2009. Some friends had mentioned that this race is highly competitive, coz mainly it's interschool championship. Nevertheless, we had tasted that the feeling of completing the 2 disciplines was great, we went ahead with this 800meter pool swim and 5km run. The distance was much more then the Mini Bi that we had earlier, so we were to conserve our strength during the swiming leg.

We started pretty late, about 11am with the swim, by the time we ran, it was scorching hot. I was just happy with the experience and my timing for 1st timer wasn't bad at all 54minutes in total. But I know that I must work on my stroke to cut the time more.

With Fion getting all the barang-barang ready in the transit area

Monday, March 2, 2009


The race day has come. I was told to work as bike marshall and take care the 2nd wave, veteran group. Everything went off smoothly, and Alvin and I kept on looking out for the last runners of the group. To start with we ended up following the lady last runner, when suddenly after most runners cleared the first park, one uncle jogged slowly trying to catch up with the rest. But he was slow, even too slow that ended up running along with the 3rd wave, Fun Runners. Until the u-turn that separate the 10k to 5k, he was drifting alone with me ridding behind him. When we reach almost 6k, I decided to run along with him, to keep him company and boast his morale. Too my surprise, he was so determined to finish, I cheered him along.

Along the way towards the finish line, I encouraged all the marshall to run along, to make a glamour entry to the finish line. A real true VIP for the day....

YueFen's Wedding @Laguna Golf Club (Tanah Merah)

My second niece in law's wedding finally came along. As one of the direct/ close family member, we were to attend the morning tea ceremony, to be served tea (We were considered one of the elders, I think). But well.. everything went very well, eventhough in actual I was not feeling very well - a little bit overtrained and had cough bugging me.

The solemnization was blessed with great weather, slightly cloudy, so it made the atmosphere not too hot. The golf course added so pictureque scene, beautiful with occasional plane flew so close above us.

When the dinner served in the evening, it was like 8.30plus. I was so starving, and was too bad for me coz I could not munch the reception nuts.
Food was good but the service was kinda low then expected. Perhaps they needed further training before putting them to serve banquet.
We were done by around 10pm, luckily my sister in law, Anne, volunteered to send us home.